Friday, November 27, 2015

Well hello again!

So this week my P-day was smashed into 3 hours today instead of 2/3 of the day so this email will be a bit short.  But anyways, it was a better week than last week.  Finnish is coming along a lot better and the lesson's/learning has gotten a bit easier.  On Thanksgiving we were able to hear Elder Oaks speak to us which was pretty awesome.  He taught about thanking the Lord in all things, so make sure you do that in your prayers this week.  I hope everyone has a prayer this week that is just a thanking prayer.  Don't ask for anything, just "Count Your Blessings".  The Lord truly does provide.  Also yesterday on Thanksgiving all the MTC was able to help out Feeding Children Everywhere.  As a combined effort of all our service we made over 350,000 meals for kids in Utah.  A very cool experience.  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and I hope that everyone is as excited for Christmas as I am!

Love you all!
Vanhin Naylor

Week #2 Quote: "You have to be close to Christ to tell people to "come" unto Christ and not just to "go" unto Christ."  Elder Zeballos

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Moi kaikki ihmisilla!

Well it's one week down, 8 to go in the MTC!  The MTC is an interesting place.  It's very strict and you definitely remember that EXACT obedience is necessary.  And boy was that point drilled into us.

To relay what most of the week looks like for me, I want you to think of staring at a black board with different symbols that have no meaning to you and then having the Charlie Brown teacher play charades with you.  Now I want you to do that for 4 days of the week.  Now you can begin to understand what it was hah.  The teachers are returned missionaries from Finland and so they have the language down.  And so to teach us they don't speak English.  Seriously 95% of the time it's in complete Finnish and the other 5% is a party game of charades mixed in with a sprinkle of English.  But that way of teaching and the Gift of Tongues culminates to me being able to already say a small testimony in Finnish and me teaching 3 lessons already in complete Finnish (Even if I did feel stupid while I was doing it).  I love the language and learning it.  But definitely a ray of happiness comes from my district.  We have 9 Vanhin's in our district and no sisters, so it's basically a group of 18-20 year old guys all packed into a class room.  As you can imagine it's pretty fun, especially because it's like a full blown brotherhood.  Like seriously every person in here is amazing.  Everyone is hilarious and there were points last week where I know that I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  But anyways.  Minun toveri on Vanhin Parson's (My companion is Elder Parson's).  He's awesome and a very strong person.  For all who are going on a mission in the next two years, if you come to Provo for the MTC, play 4-square.  Square is life here and it's seriously so much fun.

Honestly it's an okay place here but the Spirit is definitely strong and you can feel God's love.  We had a speaker come on Sunday who's in charge of Missionary Media.  So like the awesome Christmas and Easter videos that the church puts out?  He is in charge of making them with his team.  So as such we got to see the new one for this year's Christmas.  Sooooo good.  Seriously when the site is up in December, all with an Instagram need to go to the page and follow them.  Also for all those not on social media, go to  It's well worth your time.

All in all first week in wasn't overall half bad.  The Lord is definitely helping me.  And to all who are praying for me, thank you.  I can feel the strength that comes from that every day.

IMPORTANT:  Send me physical letters, like in the mail!  I know it takes longer than email but if you want me to write you back I can do it a lot easier if I write you.  I'm not limited to P-Day to write you!  My MTC address is on my Facebook/Instagram. (Plus you could always email my mom to find out :))

Rakkasten teidan

Vanhin Naylor

Quote of the week:  "Happiness is the object and design of our existence."  -Joseph Smith