Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello all!

Well this week was really good.  We had this thing called Interim training.  We stayed at the mission home from Monday to Friday just drilling different things to become a better missionary.  It was AWESOME.  Plus it was will all the new missionaries, so I got to be with my MTC district again for a couple days!  It's really awesome to see how much everyone had grown in just the small time we've all been here.  Also we have some really awesome new goals for me and Elder Nissen.  It made me excited for the work again.  Plus a huge blessing that happened during Interim was that we got to go to the Helsinki Temple!  It is absolutely beautiful and it was super super Finnish, in a good way.  We even had to take off our shoes at the door! (That is a super Finnish thing to do by the way, they don't even wear shoes in school!)  So that was a way awesome experience.  

It was also a bit tough this week because after two days of being back in our area, 3 of our investigators either dropped us or we dropped them.  But hey we have some awesome awesome potential this week and I many even have some pretty sweet news to share in a couple of weeks.  You know what I mean?  Probably not because that was SUPER vague haha.

Personal study is one of the biggest blessing of missionary work.  I promise you all that if you want to grow your testimony and build your faith, you NEED to study the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures.  It is a must.  I did find some really great passages this week though to share with you:
  • 2 Chronicles 32:6-7
  • 3 Nephi 5:13
  • Mosiah 2:40-41
  • Isaiah 55:8-11
And I would chelleng each of you to read and study about Peter.  I want you to try and find the differences, big and small, that happened in him.  Look at how he is before the Saviors Resurrection and after.  Look at the fear that once ruled him and then look at his boldness as he went out to preach the truth after Christ had left them.  Let his example of boldness in his testimony be a testimony builder for you.  I love you all and remember that as you stand for this church and this gospel, you FEAR NO MAN.

Vanhin Naylor

Monday, February 15, 2016


This week was pretty great.  First off we had more snow!  Finland truly is a lot better when it is colder and snowy.  We even got to see the sun and blue sky along with the snow this week!  It was awesome.  Plus with the cold and snow, there was more people out to contact!  That's Finland for you, when it is snowy and colder, poeple are out doing their shopping!  Anyways, this week was also really great because we got to teach a lot.  We got let in (We got to teach right then when we knocked on their door) while tracting three times!  As such we have a bunch of new investigators! I can't tell you a lot about them but here's a bit:

•P = Likes the Bible a LOT
•A = Very smart and can answer his own questions
•M = He is an artist
•L = Great family man

That is everyone!  Sorry that I can't give you all more but hey, now you know kind of who I get to teach!  It is kind of amazing to see the change that can happen in an area in just two weeks.  Plus this week I was able to shovel a Finn's driveway.  If you know anything about Finn's you'd know that they don't like being helped.  So it was a really rare treat for me and Elder Nissen.  Overall the weather was beautiful and it was a very productive week.

In my studies this week I learned a lot!  I encourage all of you to start using a study journal when you are studying the gospel.  It helps a lot to remember key things you liked and it helps a lot with recording spiritual impressions as they come. I have found that it helps a whole lot.  From my study journal, here are some super awesome scriptures from this past week:

•Psalms 34:19
•Galatians 2:20
•D&C 3:3
•Mormon 8:26
•Romans 8:16 -18

Plus as always read some General Conference talks!  The words of living prophets cannot be overlooked in studies.  Anyways, I hope everyone is having a way super awesome week!  I love you all and I am grateful for all the emails I recieved this week!  There was a lot of them!  As always remember that it may take me a couple of Preparation Day's to get back to you but just know that I am trying my best.  Hope the very best for all!

Vanhin Naylor

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Terve kaikki!
So this week was a good solid missionary week.  We did a lot of finding and knocking on doors.  We finally have an investigator though!  The lesson went pretty good and we got to set up a return appointment.  He's that same guy that we found outside playing hockey with his son.  Seems like all this work is finally paying off!  We also still have a lot of potentials that we get to talk to which is pretty sweet.  The weather has also been pretty awesome this week.  We had fog like every day which has been really awesome.  It's also been super warm for winter haha.  Oh well, I guess spring is coming early...or is it :O.  Anyways this week has been full but I do pretty much the same thing every day so I don't know exactly what everyone wants me to write about.  I did however have exchanges with one of the companionship's which was pretty fun.  We did work in a completely different part of Finland.  I had to do bus and train contacting for the first time and so that was quite the experience!  A bit scary but when you realize that I'll never see this person again, what is the harm in trying to invite them to improve their life?  So it got a lot easier as it went on.

This week in my studies I had a lot of great  insights from the Book of Mormon and from General Conference talks.  I have more homework for you all this week!

•Mormon 2:12-14
•Meeting the Challenges of Today's World by Elder Hales (This is for all the youth who read this email)
•Faith is Not by Chance, but By Choice by Elder Anderson (For all who wish to grow their faith, meaning ALL)
•Be Not Afraid, Only Believe by President Uchtdorf (It's directed towards those of the Aaronic Priesthood but all can benefit from this one)

That is about it this week!  Hopefully I have some better stories to keep things interesting for you all to read next week.  Love you all!

Vanhin Naylor

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello all!
So today I would just like to share how the week went.  Is that okay with you?  Cool.  Well this week was tough but also very very good!  It's been getting warmer here until just today when it started snowing again.  But all this week it's been icy and in Finland they don't put down like the melting salt, but they put down gravel to walk over the snow!  Hah it's pretty strange but usually it works.  It really only doesn't work when the snow melts and then refreezes and then all the gravel is just stuck in the ice not really doing anything haha.  But despite that, it is pretty here and has been super nice to be out and about even if I was sweating in my jacket haha.  We did a lot of contacting and tracting this week and gave out a bunch of Book of Mormons and pass along cards.  We have lots of potentials in our call list that are ready to hear the gospel and how awesome it is.

We also had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week!  It's amazing how good of missionaries there are in this mission.  I learned so much about how to do this great work in both a serious and fun way.  That's seriously fun right?  Booooo who said that?  Haha anyways we did a lot of great work and I realized how awesome being a missionary actually is!  You get to serve the Lord and by so doing, learn more about Him and His gospel!  What could be better?

So in my studies this week I again found some great scriptures to share with everyone.  The ones that stuck out most to me were:

•Alma 5:26
•3 Nephi 27:19-21, 27
•1 Corinthians 1:27
•Isaiah 64:8

Also I have been reading this past General Conference talks and WOW are they good.  As a homework assignment, should you choose to accept it because I can't force you but you know what you should do ;), I would like you all to read "The Joy of Living a Christ-Centered Life" by Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy.  It is an amazing talk and I love the imagery he uses of us being the clay and our Lord as the Potter.  I know that if we are humble enough to let the Lord work with us and be His clay, He can make something amazing with us.  But to do that we must be completely obedient and willing to submit to what He wants.  We have to have our lives exactly centered on Christ.  I know that if you do this you will find happiness and joy in your life!  I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

Vanhin Naylor