Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello everyone!  Well this past week was interesting to say the least.  We had these things in our mission called "soft red days" which is where we aren't allowed to go out and tract because it is illegal!  And because Finland has like 3 holidays for Easter, we had a lot of time outside just trying to talk to people and share this great message.  The weather has been getting warmer and there was a couple nights of an awesome fog or mist that just hung in the air.  So it was pretty great.

I hope everyone's Easter went well, and that you all felt the Spirit as you went to church and remembered how awesome the Savior is.  This is a great time of the year with Easter and then General Conference this next week!  I encourage everyone to watch and take notes because there isn't many times that we get to hear from living prophets and Apostles!

So a lot of what happened this week was just finding with the churches #Hallelujah video.  I hope that everyone has watched it and shared it!  The Spirit is strong whenever you speak about the Savior and some of the best missionary work is done by members!

This past week was awesome for studies.  The story of Nephi and his family is always powerful, especially when you notice how faithful he is and how much love he has for others.  There were some great scriptures that I found this week that I hope you all enjoy as well!:

•Psalms 46:10
•D&C 24:8
•1 Nephi 7:12
•Luke 17:33
•Exodus 14:14
•1 Peter 4:13
•Psalms 27:1

These are just a few haha.  Well that's about all I have for you!  I hope you all have a super charged sweet week and that you watch General Conference!

Vanhin Naylor

P.S.  Oh yeah hah I went to the hospital this past week but no one worry I am completely fine!  Also fell on my bike for the first time...those two were unrelated though haha.  Anyways, bye!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello everyone!  So this week was eventful to say the least.  First off I got to go on "exchanges" with Vanhin Gigena from my MTC district!  We were at the train station helping Elder get to their new areas and so we got to be together again!  Wow was that day fun.  then Elder Baker arrived.  He's from Idaho and likes swimming.  Too bad he can't do it while he's here on his mission but he goes home after this transfer!  Crazy!

Also we got to have Zone Conference.  That's where we get training from the Mission President on how to better use our time and how we can become better missionaries.  Wow was that way sweet as well.  Other than that we got to teach a lesson to this way cool guy, A.  Hah, that's about all the description I can give you of what happened but it was a good lesson.  But overall this week had a lot of great things happen.  Of course there were challenges but Heavenly Father is always there and ready to help.

This week I had a great set of studies.  I finished the Book of Mormon again!  Wow I love the Book of Mormon and I testify to you all that it is true.  Don't believe me?  I don't want you to.  I want you to find out for yourself!  Read it! :)  I promise that you will come to know that it is true.  As well this week we talked about Easter coming up!  It's amazing how joyous of a time this is.  One of the scripture passages this week is an account of Mary Magdalene and her weeping at how the Savior was gone.  Mary love the Savior.  I hope each of us can experience that same love for Him.  I love Him, and He love everyone.  Especially YOU.  YOU individually He loves.

•1 Nephi 1:1
•Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
•Moroni 9:6 (Props goes to Kolten on this one :))
•Moroni 8:16
•Matthew 28:6
•Mark 16:6
•Luke 24:5-6
•John 20:11-16

I hope everyone has a marvelous Easter week!  Please go check out followhim.mormon.org and watch the new Easter video.  Follow Him and find new life.  And once you watch it, share it with someone who you think would benefit from it.  Everyone can so you have lots of options to choose from!  I love you all!!!!

Vanhin Naylor

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all had an amazing week!  It's been pretty good here in Finland this past week.  The weather is starting to warm up more so, it finally looks like Spring is coming!  So some big news to start off with is this past week we got transfer calls!  Elder Nissen got called to Oulu to be a Zone Leader and I get to stay here in Hyvinkää.  So my new companion comes tomorrow and his name is Elder Baker.  This is his last transfer before he goes home!  Kind of crazy to think.  You'll hear more about him next week.  So that's the biggest thing that has happened this week!

We didn't teach anyone this past week which means I went the entire first transfer without meeting with someone twice.  Almost had appointments this week but something always came up or just people didn't show.  Agency, my best friend and worst enemy.  Oh well, Hyvinkää is a small city so I'll most likely see these people again haha.  But we did do lots of finding and following up with potentials.  Just sifting the wheat to find that golden investigator aha.  

This past week in my studies, I really focused on patience, which for all those who know me well is something that I struggle with.  I often try to look to the examples of both Job and Joseph Smith.  They exemplify trust in the Lord and just being patient in afflictions, such that those afflictions would make them better and not bitter.  I would ask, if you would like to, for you all to study Job a bit in the coming week.  Some other scriptures that stuck out to me this week were:
  • Proverbs 2:6
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Psalms 46:10
  • Moroni 10:7
I love you all and I hope you all have an awesome spiritual and just overall fantastic week!

Vanhin Naylor

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello everyone|!

So this week was a pretty good.  A lot of really cool things happened.  In particular I got to go on exchanges again!  This time it was with the Office Elders, which to some may seem not that fun, but it was AWESOME.  Our Office Elders are truly amazing and I was very priveleged to learn from them.  We got to teach a lesson to a less active family and it was a great experience.  I am super grateful for them and I can't really tell you in an email how great of an experience it was.  Another really cool thing that happened was the FOG.  We had this big fog come in a couple days ago and you could barely see fourth of a kilometer in front of you.  It was way cool.  Plus it snowed again which is always nice.

On to other things.  We only have one investigator now but that is totally cool.  We have had a lot of time to find and to talk to so many different people.  And let me tell you there is a lot of different people in Finland.  Really way sweet.  Oh, and this week I also got sick!  It was just like a 24 hour stomach flu but it put me out of commission for a whole night of proselyting, so that wasn't very fun.  But I am all better now and just as fiery as ever!  Hah, but no this week was good and lots of great blessings from the Lord.

In my studies this week I found just a couple of great scriptures that I would like to share.  I don't know if I have already used these but here is some awesome ones:

•D&C 128:22
•Mosiah 27:26
•Romans 5:8
•Alma 31:31

I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  I love you all!

Vanhin Naylor

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moi kakki!

So this week was pretty great.  We got to teach a bunch of people and we found some great people who have become investigators.  A lot of potential is happening in our area and it is really really exciting.  The work moves forward here in Finland!  So to start off we had Zone Meeting which was really awesome.  I got to see two of the Elders from my district which was pretty great, even though I had just seen them at Interim.  So many laughs that can only be shared with them.  Like I said we taught a lot this week.  We have also been blessed by the work of past missionaries.  Like just yesterday we set up a lot of appointments with these people who had already been given a Book of Mormon!  I guess it's just another testimony builder to know that no contact in this work is wasted.  Even if people say no right then, they may become interested later and you'll have later missionaries, like us, pick them up!  It is just amazing to see God's hand in these peoples lives.  It is awesome to be able to serve everyone and really just have this experience to show Christlike love to everyone we meet, even the guy who told us we were from satan, haha.  I really do love it here and I wish you all could experience this with me.  I guess these emails will have to suffice haha.

The weather was also really awesome this week.  We had straight sunshine for like two days in a row which was a huge blessing.  I just can't tell you how great the sunsets are here, and the sunrises as well.  It is a beautiful country here in Finland.  It also has been great to have so many of the people I talk to be nice to me, even with my okay Finnish.  It is a great time to be a missionary in Finland and I can tell you what, this work is moving along steadily and is increasing in speed, especially here in Hyvninkää.  I can't tell you too much, but just know that some pretty great things are in the works.

From my studies this week I had some great stories and scriptures that I would like to share.  I don't know if anybody even really want's to get homework from me but c'mon, it's like a couple small verses of God's word, you have time :):

•Isaiah 53:3-7
•Ether 12:4
•1 Peter 4:14 and 16
•1 Samuel 17:45-46
•Alma 31:5

These are just a few but just know that God answers prayers through your action and through the scriptures.  Any question you may have can be answered.  I've seen that so many times, especially here on my mission.  I love you all and I really hope that you have a really awesome week!

Vanhin Naylor