Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello everyone!  So this past week was good.  We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so that was pretty fun and we got a bunch of work done!  Plus we have a really cool girl who's investigating now and overall it's been a good week of work.  Not really too much to share, sorry.  Just normal mission life!  And it's great.

Just as Jesus Christ forgot Himself in the service and well-being of others, such is our duty.  Look out for service opportunities this week and remember how we are able to help others in such an amazing way.  We have the power to change lives, if we only look outside ourselves.  Have an awesome week!

Vanhin Naylor
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So hello everyone!  This past week was PACKED.  Goodness, so many different crazy things.  I took two night trains, to and from Helsinki, we had District Conference over the weekend, a Zone Meeting, and a Zone Conference.  Whew, it was a big week.  All I can say is wow, I love the Gospel and being able to be a missionary is so awesome.  Pretty much didn't spend any time at all in our area this past week, but hey, we are here now and we are prepared to find people who are prepared.  Woo!

I have a quote that I really liked from District Conference, "Meekness is great power that is perfectly controlled."  Remember how meek our Savior was.  He had so much power and glory, and yet He was able to wield it in such a way as to bring about miracles in the live of others.  Follow His example and remember the power that has been given you.  I love you all, have an awesome week.

Vanhin Naylor

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 6, 2017

Hello all!  So this past week went well.  We've been out doing great work and finding people who want to learn more!  We also had Zone Conference this past week, so that was super great.  I learned a lot about agency and how we use our time.  It's been a pretty big push to understand all that since the schedule change.  Nothing too big really changed, so I'm not so sure why it is such a big deal to people.  But yeah, overall, just a normal week!  I got to translate again this week, so that was pretty interesting.  Also, this next week is going to be crazy full.  So, normal mission life I guess.

 With God, all things are possible.  So remember that as we love God, we are able to understand how much the future has in store for us.  Do not fear, only believe.  That belief turns into a deep and abiding love.  And once that love is perfect, it "casteth out fear."  Have an awesome week!

Vanhin Naylor